Through the Chrono Repair Homme Collection, Laboratoire Sintyl has developed a range that is aimed at men. You will find all the technology and expertise from his 45 years of experience in products specially designed for men.



The Collection was born following a vast research program on the particularities of male skin:

  • characterised by a thick epidermis and a dense dermis, it has intense cellular and glandular activity, and its energy requirements are greater.
  • due to the ravages of shaving, it also demands gentle care and protection
  • eventually, it is sensitive to the effects of time and free radicals which lead to irreversible acceleration of the aging process. Male skin ages more slowly, but more aggressively than female skin.

Male skin therefore requires specific care and Chrono Repair Homme offers a complete care routine to meet these needs.

Chrono Repair Homme is a range that promotes balance, youthfulness and protection for male skin.



  • After Shaving Care

    CHF 75
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  • Anti-Age Care
    Cellular Energiser

    CHF 115
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  • Purity Cleansing Gel

    CHF 65
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  • Shaving Care Cream

    CHF 69
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  • Shower Care Body & Hair

    CHF 55
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