Clinical Bio-Efficacy

What if it were finally possible to combine clinical efficacy and organic certification?

This is a challenge that the Swiss brand Methode Physiodermie has decided to take up: in 2020, it innovates by launching the Clinical Swiss Organics Collection, clinical efficacy care certified organic by ECOCERT according to the COSMOS Organic standard.

Clinical Swiss Organics – Clinical Bio-Efficacy

Laboratoire Sintyl’s approach for its new Clinical Swiss Organics Collection of Methode Physiodermie is totally pioneering in the world of cosmetics. Through its desire to combine respect for nature and efficacy, the Laboratoire offers new perspectives in terms of care. With 45 years of know-how on the functional properties of ingredients, it now offers a collection that transforms ordinary certified organic cosmetics into effective care thanks to the best of Swiss clinical expertise.

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Clinical Swiss Organics – An effective and customizable beauty routine

Clinical Swiss Organics products are with you daily with this 7-step facial routine :

Clinical Swiss Organics also offers personalization opportunities to meet the specific needs of each individual and to manage all skin alterations: acne, anti-aging, rosacea, loss of firmness, oxidative stress… Take advantage of the possibilities of synergies between your Bioserum and your emulsion!

Thanks to Clinical Swiss Organics of Methode Physiodermie, you no longer have to choose between certified organic cosmetics and visible results.