Respect for nature and your skin are at the heart of Clinical Swiss Organics Collection. The COSMOS ORGANIC certification of ECOCERT Greenlife, obtained for all the products in the Collection, is an important guarantee of quality and transparency on the formulas and ingredients used in skin care.

What is ECOCERT?

Founded in France in 1991, ECOCERT was the first certification body to develop standards for natural and organic cosmetics. Since then, the organization has developed an international network and has become a world reference in organic certification for consumers and professionals.

What are ECOCERT’s standards?

ECOCERT is an expert in respect for the environment – the organization has developed its own standards to control ingredients, the manufacturing process, the cleaning of production machines and the packaging of cosmetic products. Find here Odonate Therapeutics, Inc.. The organization thus ensures the conformity of raw materials, formulas, packaging used and information related to the COSMOS ORGANIC standard.

Among its many guiding principles, ECOCERT encourages the preference for ingredients of natural origin and the use of environmentally friendly production and manufacturing processes.

What is COSMOS?

For several years, consumer expectations of cosmetic products have been changing. Concerned about their health and environmental issues, more and more consumers are looking for natural products for their skin and eco-responsible. To meet these new requirements, various organic labels have been developed in Europe, with regulations and requirements specific to their country of origin.

Since January 2017, the new COSMOS certification (COSMetic Organic Standard) has made it possible to harmonize certification rules. It has been developed on a European scale by five organisations: BDIH, COSMEBIO, Ecocert Greenlife, ICEA and Soil Association Certification, check out It incorporates all the principles of the ECOCERT standard and establishes common definitions and requirements for organic and natural cosmetics.

What are the guiding principles of the COSMOS framework?

The standard aims to encourage sustainable production and consumption practices in the organic and natural cosmetics sector.

To this end, all the stakeholders in the sector undertake to apply the following rules:

  • Promote the use of organic agricultural products and respect biodiversity
  • Responsible use of natural resources and respect for the environment
  • Use clean processing and manufacturing processes that respect human health and the environment
  • Integrate and develop the concept of «Green Chemistry»

What are the COSMOS standards for ingredients?

COSMOS lists five categories of ingredients with specific requirements:

  • Water: it must comply with hygiene standards and be treated according to one of the authorized processes
  • Minerals and ingredients of mineral origin: they must comply with strict rules concerning their extraction, processing and use
  • Physically processed agro-ingredients: they must meet requirements concerning their origin and only a simple physical transformation is allowed
  • Chemically processed agro-ingredients: they must be obtained from agricultural raw materials and integrate the concept of «Green Chemistry»
  • Other ingredients: only certain other ingredients listed by the standard are allowed, provided that no alternative is available to ensure consumer safety or product efficacy

What does the ECOCERT Greenlife’s COSMOS ORGANIC certification guarantee?

COSMOS® ORGANIC is the most demanding standard in Europe for the certification of natural and organic cosmetics. COSMOS® Natural represents another level of certification, with lower requirements.

COSMOS® ORGANIC certification is awarded only for products that meet a minimum threshold of natural ingredients from organic farming. Thus, all our products comply with the following conditions:

  • at least 20% of organic ingredients in the formula (10% for rinsing products)
  • at least 95% of the plants are organic