«To achieve a balance in the appearance of the skin

and morphology for each individual»

Methode PhysiodermieSwiss brand expert in cosmetology

Created in 1974, Methode Physiodermie represents the perfect synergy between the most sophisticated ingredients and cutting-edge Swiss technology. The brand was born following an in-depth study of the morphological predominance and causes of individual aesthetic alterations.

Equilibre Essentiel – Focus on the specificities of ingredients

The use of ingredients adapted to individual morphological and physiological characteristics is at the heart of Methode Physiodermie’s Equilibre Essentiel Collection. This is the result of an extensive research program to identify plant families, select their ingredients and incorporate them into our care. The skin thus benefits from their specific effects in order to regain its balance.

«  To achieve a balance in the appearance of the skin and morphology for each individual» Dr F. Calato, founder of Laboratoire Sintyl

Equilibre Essentiel Technology at the service of efficacy

The Equilibre Essentiel skin care of Methode Physiodermie also owes its efficacy  to the use of advanced technologies, specifically developed by Laboratoire Sintyl.

  • The Multi-Active Individual Micro-Encapsulation (M.E.I.M.A.) technology allows an exceptional concentration of ingredients and their programmed penetration into the different layers of the epidermis. It considerably improves the efficacy and precision of action of cosmetic, particularly for the essential oils.
  • The E3C Exclusive Concept (Balance, Energy, Skin Ecosystem) makes it possible to take into consideration the influence of the evolution of the environment and lifestyle on the skin. Check here https://www.sandiegodownsizing.com. Stress, pollution, nutrition are all elements that have a negative effect, making it more reactive and more sensitive. In this context, the E3C Concept allows the protection and recovery of the skin ecosystem.

Equilibre Essentiel of Methode Physiodermie offers a range of effective, innovative products adapted to the specific needs of each individual.

  • Actinyl Roll-On

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  • Soft Face Biopeeling Instant Smoothness

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  • Stabilizing Lotion

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  • Recovery Night Mask

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