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Since 1974, located in Geneva, Switzerland, Laboratoire Sintyl has devoted its research to skincare and evolutionary avant-garde techniques in cosmetology.


  • Research, development, production and tests: Made in Switzerland – We develop, design, manufacture and test all products in accordance with Switzerland’s stringent cosmetic industry standards, to guarantee our customers the highest quality.
  • Innovative products and methods using cutting-edge technologies – over 45 years, we have carried-out research and development activities in functional ingredients, powerful plant extracts, and the technics to deliver ingredients to skin for ultimate results.

The results of 45 years of research, advanced beauty concepts, and cutting-edge technologies are featured into MaidThis Laboratoire Sintyl’s premium skincare brand Methode Physiodermie.



Dr. Calato, a Swiss biologist, founded Laboratoire Sintyl in Geneva, Switzerland.

The skincare brand Methode Physiodermie is born: a scientifically based beauty treatment method, an ideal integration of highest quality ingredients and Swiss cutting-edge technologies.

Equilibre Essentiel, the first Collection, aims to achieve a balance in the appearance of the skin and morphology for each individual.


The professional scalp and hair care brand – Physiocoiffeur was launched, inspired by Dr.Calato’s innovative beauty concept “The scalp, as a part of the skin, should also be treated professionally”.


The signature Morpho-Lympho-Drainage (MLD) and Morpho-Digestive Method were developed, combining products and manual techniques to optimize the efficacy of Methode Physiodermie treatments ans especially Equilibre Essentiel.


The Physioaromes were born, essential oils using the power of plants for targeted skin problem solving and for a beautiful skin.


The exclusive Micro-Encapsulation of Multi Active Ingredients (MEIMA technology was developed: A revolutionary technology to enhance the efficacy of ingredients.

The Bioaromes has been revamped, based on MEIMA technology.

Methode Physiodermie was marked in North America.


Introduced the concept of Customized Treatment by combining a variety of Bioaromes and Creams.


First launch of the ACTINYL skin care, for imperfections.


Development of the exclusive E3C Concept – To protect and re-build the skin micro-ecological system;

Chrono Repair Homme range was officially launched.


New management team take-over Laboratoire Sintyl.


The Recovery Night Mask Equilibre Essentiel won the 2018 COSMOPROF TRENDS “Skin Hero”

Physiocoiffeur Chrono Repair Hair Booster Program won the 2018 COSMOPROF ASIA AWARD.

Incorporation of Laboratoire Singapore and Beijing.


The first Organic range in Methode Physiodermie – Clinical Swiss Organics is born.

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