Bioarome DS Anti-Impurities

CHF 95

Thanks to its exclusive synergy of essential oils and purifying plant extracts combined with MEIMA technology, this serum hydrates and purifies the skin for a smoother and more even complexion.


  • Complex of natural essential oils: Lemon, Rosemary, Melaleuca Cajeput.
  • Complex of active ingredients of plants: Burdock
  • Phospholipidic complex.
  • Moisturizing agent.
  • Vitamin E derivative.
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Morning and evening, after cleansing the face, apply a few drops of Bioarome DS on the concerned areas alone or in synergy with the adapted emulsion.

Recommended dosage: 5 drops on the concerned areas or 2/3 drops if mixed with another Bioarome.

Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Physiodermie tip:
Proceed with cleansing and makeup removal with Physiodermie cleansers and makeup removers.
Specific care: choose the emulsion corresponding to your skin and do not hesitate to add another Bioarome or Booster in order to treat a targeted need.



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