Ferulic SOD Mist

CHF 50


Ferulic Acid 0.5%

Superoxide Dismutase 1%

pH ≈ 4,1

What makes the difference: Superoxide Dismutase is known for its anti-aging properties and Ferulic Acid is recognized as an excellent photoprotective agent.

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Spray the Ferulic SOD Mist 20 cm from the face while keeping your eyes closed at the end of your daily care and make-up routine and touch up during the day.

Do not replace sunscreen.

Light and non-sticky mist.

Ferulic Acid (extracted from rice) :

«It is widely applied in skin care formulations as a photoprotective agent (sunscreens), delayer of skin photoaging processes, and brightening component.»1

Superoxide Dismutase (biosynthesis from yeast) :

«Superoxide dismutases (SODs) constitute a very important antioxidant defense against oxidative stress in the body.»2

1 Zduńska, K. et al. (2018). Antioxidant properties of ferulic acid and its possible application. Skin pharmacology and physiology 31.6, pp. 332-336.

2 Younus, H. (2018). Therapeutic potentials of superoxide dismutase. International journal of health sciences 12.3, pp. 88.