High Purity

CHF 70


Salicylic Acid 2%

Zinc Gluconate 1%

pH ≈ 4,1

What makes the differenceSalicylic Acid exfoliates and is known for its antibacterial properties. Zinc Gluconate soothes and scars the skin.

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1 single product, 3 ways of use

Layering: daily application of the High Purity Serum to the entire face and neck. Then proceed to apply your Emulsion. Easily absorbed by the skin, it becomes more receptive to subsequent treatments.

Mix & Match: mix 2/3 drops of the High Purity Serum with your Emulsion or Mask at the time of application. This application allows you to customize your treatment and boost its effectiveness.

Alone: apply a few drops of the High Purity Serum to the areas to be treated by massaging gently. Each skin being different and being able to present different problems at the same time, the local application makes it possible to treat only the area that needs it.

Salicylic Acid (willow bark extract):

«This study demonstrates the efficacy and safety of this optimized topical 1.5% Salicylic Acid cream containing natural skin penetration enhancers in combination with antioxidant activity when applied twice daily for the reduction of facial acne.»1

Zinc Gluconate (obtained by biosynthesis from Zinc of mineral origin and Gluconate derived from plant sugars) :

«the sebasceous gland production is decreased»2

1 Zheng, Y. et al. (2013). Clinical evidence on the efficacy and safety of an antioxidant optimized 1.5% salicylic acid (SA) cream in the treatment of facial acne: an open, baseline‐controlled clinical study. Skin Research and Technology 19.2, pp. 125-130.
2 Martini, M-C. and Seiller, M. (1999). Actifs et additifs en cosmétologie, 2ème édition, p. 210 and p. 438