Lipid Restore Mask

CHF 80


Squalane 2%

Vitamin F 0.5%

What makes the differenceSqualane balances sebum production and slows down skin aging. Vitamin F promotes skin reconstitution.

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Apply a medium-thick layer of the Lipid Restore Mask all over the face and the neck. Leave on 10 minutes before massaging with gentle circular movements to allow an optimal penetration of the products. Remove the excess with a cotton pad and apply the following cares.

Physiodermie tips

  • For a boost effect, add a few drops of the Serum of your choice.
  • Ideal after the Micropeeling AHA.


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Squalane  (extracted from olive oil) :

«in the cosmetics industry, squalane oil is used against skin-damaging free radicals that contribute to the signs of aging. It balances oil production, providing enough moisture to keep the skin clear, healthy, and free from acne & eczema. The oil even boosts blood circulation, which rejuvenates firmer, plumper, and glowing skin.»1

Vitamin F (extracted from safflower oil):

«Often called Vitamins  F, these essential fatty acids are known for their beneficial effects on the ski thanks to their ability to restore the transepidermal barrier.»2

1 Reports And Data (2019). Squalene Market To Reach USD 309.7 Million By 2026. [online]. Available at :

2 Martini, M-C. and Seiller, M. (1999). Actifs et additifs en cosmétologie, 2ème édition, p.205.