Micropeeling AHA

CHF 84

Easy to apply gel texture.


Lactic Acid 5%

Lime Pearl Complex 2%

pH ≈ 3,8

What makes the difference: Lactic Acid exfoliates. The Lime Pearl Complex reinforces the exfoliating properties of Lactic Acid and is also known for its antioxidant properties. 

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Apply the Micropeeling AHA in a thick layer to the face and neck, avoiding the eye area.

Leave on for about 5 minutes and then proceed with a gentle circular massage to remove excess product and dead cells. The appearance of lint / residue is normal and is the stage of care where dead skin detaches. Rinse with water.

Apply the Pro-Microbiome Lotion to the face and neck to remove the Micropeeling AHA residues and balance the skin’s pH.

Frequency: 2 to 3 times a week, in the evening only.

Use sunscreen throughout the treatment.

Tingling or red patches are possible and normal, it means that Lactic Acid has an effect.


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Lactic Acid (vegetable sugar extract) :

«they [lactic acid and its salt] produced such effects as renewal and skin illumination»1

Lime Pearl Complex (extracted from the caviar lime or finger lime, the fruit of a tree called Microcitrus australasica):

«Promotes exfoliation, physiologic desquamation, antioxidant properties.»2

1 Alsaheb, R. et al. (2015). Lactic acid applications in pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industries. J. Chem. Pharm. Res 7.10, pp. 729-735.

2 Berman et al. (2018). The Importance of Skin Barrier Maintenance and Repair : Underlying Pathophysiology, Topical Formulations, Selected Natural Ingredients, and Clinical Study Outcomes. Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Derma tology, January 2018 Supplement