Pro-Microbiome Lotion

CHF 47


Alpha Glucan 1%

Lactic Acid 0.1%

pH ≈ 4,2

What makes the difference: Alpha Glucan is known for its probiotic effect. Lactic Acid hydrates the skin and eliminates dead cells.

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Morning & evening, apply the Pro-Microbiome Lotion to the entire face and neck using a cotton pad to complete the cleansing and balance the skin’s pH. Let the lotion penetrate before applying a synergy of Emulsion and Serum adapted to your skin.

Physiodermie tips:

Lactic Acid (vegetable sugar extract):

«A lactic acid lotion benefits skin by dissolving dead skin that accumulates on the surface of functioning skin. These dead cells lead to dry, dull skin and can prevent your skin treatments from working properly because they can’t be absorbed. Removing this accumulation is one of the most important parts of a skin care regimen.»1

Alpha Glucan (obtained by fermentation from natural sugars) :

«α-Glucan stimulated the growth of beneficial resident flora, and its bioselectivity as a substrate will enable to restrict the growth of pathogenic flora.»2

1 Alsaheb, R. et al. (2015). Lactic acid applications in pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industries. J. Chem. Pharm. Res 7.10, pp. 729-735.

2 Park, T. (2016). The prebiotic effect of Gluco-oligosaccharide on skin microflora, Staphylococcus. Conference Proceedings of IPC 2016.